San Diego Custom Cornea ®

San Diego eye surgeon, Dr. Gary Jacobs, specializes in Custom Cornea laser eye surgery. As an experienced and dedicated ophthalmologist, Dr. Jacobs focuses on helping you improve your vision and reducing your dependency on corrective lenses. Your cornea is essential to good vision, acting as a window that controls the entry of light into the eye. With a CustomCornea® procedure, Dr. Jacobs goes beyond reshaping your cornea based on your prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. A CustomCornea® procedure is completely customized to your eyes, giving you the best results possible for your individual needs. CustomCornea® can also help with other vision problems that could not be detected previously, known as higher order aberrations. Experts believe these aberrations can contribute to vision problems such as glare, halos and night vision problems.

To perform your Custom Cornea procedure, Dr. Jacobs uses the Excimer laser, guided by the WaveFront map, to precisely reshape your cornea and correct your unique profile of both lower and higher order aberrations. In October 2002, CustomCornea® became the first laser vision correction procedure approved by the FDA for customized LASIK surgery to treat higher order aberrations.

For over 20 years, Dr. Jacobs has been helping men and women improve their vision and reduce their dependency on corrective lenses. Come discover the difference a Custom Cornea ® procedure in San Diego can make on your vision and self-confidence. Call today to schedule your free laser vision correction screening in San Diego with Dr. Jacobs.

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